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Muslim Marriage Masterclass & Matrimonial Meet Up 

Limited Seats - Registration Ends December 2nd, 2022
Location: MYC, 1933 Bath Ave. Bklyn, NY
Date: December 3rd  2022,  6pm EST 
 Date: December 17th 2022,  1pm to 5pm EST
(Live In-Person)
Open to Men & Women

Collaboration between

Marriage Solutions
Walk away with:
 The Secrets to Avoid Picking the Wrong Spouse & exactly what it takes to pick the Right One PLUS... LIVE access to meet a spouse at our Matrimonial Match Up Event   
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What the Package Covers

25 Years of Expertise

  • ​An In-Person Event & Chance to Meet a Potential Spouse
  • ​Learn the Secret to Finding the Right Spouse 
  • ​Learn Red Flags to Avoid
  • ​Learn How to Find Someone Regardless of Your Situation


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Mindful Muslimah

Mindful Muslimah has spent most of her life as a community leader, an educator, and a mentor. 
She has worked as an administrator and consultant in some of the largest public and private educational systems in the United States and Dubai, as well as working with some of the largest Muslim and non-Muslim non-profit organizations in the United States. 
Currently, she is an international leader, the owner of the Muslim Mindfulness School, the host of the the 5-Star Podcast “Mindful Muslimah Speaks”, serving 3.1 Million strong, and hosts regular free classes and workshops for women across the globe. 
She is passionate about helping women not just grow, but thrive and become women of impact.

Mindful Muslimah’s work has been recognized by some of our greatest scholars.

- Mufti Menk

“Many from across the globe are doing good work. May Allah Almighty grant them success in this world and the next. Ameen.
 Follow Mindful Muslimah and benefit from her”

- Sh. Omar Suleiman, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

“Your work is wonderful and a great listen!”
25 Years of Experience
Mindful Muslimah has helped tens of thousands of women over 2 decades
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This type of information is found no where else online for Muslim women
Answers to All of Your Questions
Much of your anxiety and sadness around spouse seeking is stemming from not knowing. Get proven answers.
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